Life stage financial education

Most of us are not schooled in how to properly manage personal finances. Yet every day we make important money choices that impact our financial well-being immediately, and well into the future. Steve will teach you how to run your personal finances like a successful thriving business.

Hand Financial Edu courses are practical for every stage of life. If you are just starting out, are mid- career or well-set and prospering financially, our courses will help enrich your life, establish a financial cushion and set you up for a sound retirement.

Financial Life Stages

Starting with the basics, Real Life 101 is a practical guide for everyone without formal training in handling money. As we’ve learned, that’s most of us. Our experience has shown that regardless of your formal education and life experience, some basic knowledge of how money works has been omitted.

All of our courses emphasize staying out of debt as a critical component throughout your lifetime financial journey. Getting Out of Debt is a critical first step that sets the stage for your retirement savings and financial growth.

Starting Life Money Education speaks to young adults launching their careers and helps them make smart decisions that can impact their entire future.

For young adults, and mid-career folks, saving for retirement takes on added importance as building a sound retirement takes time. Check which of our retirement courses work best for you. If you have more than 10 years to save, our Building the Foundation for a Great Retirement should be an excellent choice. For those with just a few years before retiring The Worry-Free Retirement Program should fit the bill.

For those who are enjoying a high income, we understand the unique nuances that come with the territory. We’ve seen how high income can create expensive lifestyles that eat away at what should be saved. We’ve created our Handling High Income course to help you keep more of what you earn and provides strategies to build your wealth.

Check out our full list of courses and start your financial education journey today!


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